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andy ng

humanities educator.

I am a teacher from Singapore specialising in humanities education for the gifted and talented.

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One of the most common questions one will ever be asked as an educator of gifted children is,

“Why be in gifted education? Why not teach ‘normal’ children?”

Well, because I believe. I believe in them as well as where I can take them.

I believe that there are kids who in the doldrums of class, dream that there was more to school life than where they are at, and are able and willing to raise their sails and experience a horizon much larger than the little lagoon they find themselves in.

I believe that education is more than just a factory where knowledge is chucked into the manufacturing of A’s and A*’s. It should, or rather, it must be a playground of ideas, a toy store of possibilities, a carnival of creativity.

I believe that education is more than a production line to churn out ideal citizens for a productive society. It should be more than just about the future: it must be about the ‘now’ of education: the furrowed brows, the sparkling eyes, the magic of learning.

And I believe I exist to dare myself, students, and fellow educators to dream these dreams of a boundless blue ocean of education.

As a Subject Head for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) in St. Hilda’s Primary School, I am in the business of believing in dreams. Experimenting with new pedagogies, challenging the frontiers of teaching and learning, redefining the meaning of education, and empowering the young to be changemakers are the reasons we exist.

As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIE) Fellow, I believe in the power of technology to unveil learning experiences that would otherwise be impossible. I believe in the magic of a world where teachers are explorers discovering new landscapes of education with technology as the engine to their ships, pedagogy their compasses and love for their students in their hearts.

I am also currently calling for collaboration on a global project to democratise the learning of history, revealing to our students a perspective of a global history from below, instead of the ones that are perpetuated in textbooks and dominant narratives: saving the stories of the unsung heroes of our countries’ histories instead of merely exalting the homages of the starlets of history. Please visit the project website here for more details:

If you are a fellow dreamer, I would definitely explore what is beyond that horizon of education with you. If you are not, I would also definitely like to listen to your perspective and learn with you and from you. If you would like to contact me, feel free to drop me an email at or leave me a message below!